Here’s what people have to say….

Weekly Meal Service

If you are looking for delicious and healthy vegetarian meals, then look no further. Cristina was the personal chef for my family prior to our move abroad. My husband and I gave her an extra challenge – creating appetizing raw vegan meals. Cristina went above and beyond our expectations! Each week, we looked forward to her amazing entrees, and did I mention the desserts like raw brownies? Yum! Even more importantly, as a busy mom, I don’t think I could have maintained a raw food lifestyle without Cristina’s support. We miss you Cristina! -Carolyn B.

Thank you! We we have already tried two meals and loved them! -Nicole R.

The Bi Bim Bop was out of control good. Loved the sauce. Best Korean I ever had. -Jerry S.

The corn chowder was the most delicious soup I have ever had. I had a little every day for a week! Everything was delicious. Radhika N.

Our favorite was the summer rolls w/ sauce. WOW! I haven’t eaten this much variety of wonderful food in more than half a year. Thank you!
Jason Y.

Ethiopian Greek and Japanese please! Thanks for making it work. -Beth W.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we had a great weekend and that it was largely because of the great food that you prepared! Blackberry pie (cobbler, pie, dumplings, whatever) is my favorite and your cobbler was delicious! I say “was” but it’s not all gone…yet. Well, there’s about a quarter of it left. And I’m proud to say that I’ve eaten mostly all of it! We’ve finished off the BBQ and the reubens (which were both fantastic), and we’re working on the enchiladas. -Darrell W.
WOW!  What an amazing dinner…its the next day & I’m still full, i pigged out to much, we all did.  My son liked it too…he ate with his hands & was covered in food, he even liked the greens :-) If i was rich I’d have you cook for us everyday…. now we decided we will try all your meals. 
Thank you. -Gina

Cooking for Groups

Cristina !! Thank you again so much…..you must have been exhausted last night when you got home !! Lots of people have e-mailed me this morning with multiple compliments about how much they enjoyed having you here and hearing about organic / vegetarian cooking. One request so far for the veggie lasagna recipe and one last night for the chocolate chip cookies you mentioned. Maybe more to come. You were delightful. -Donna A.

WOW! Thank you so very much. Your yummy treats were a hit at the EcoSocial last night! Melanie @ Greenling.com

Mom’s Night In

it was so nice to meet you and spend the evening in the kitchen last night!! so much fun. thank you, thank you for being such a lovely teacher!!! -Kelly S.

Surprise Engagement Dinner

Yes, everything turned out wonderful. She got home about 30 minutes after you left, so the food stayed pretty warm! Thanks for everything! We are off to the Bahamas on Saturday. -Alex L.

Special Occasions

I think this was the perfect Mother’s Day gift, thanks for giving me the chance to make it happen. -Marcus T.

Culinary Professionals

You have done a nice job on presentation, with very careful detail applied to garnishing. This demonstrates that you understand that your guests eat with their eyes first, and such an essential component to small bite catering. Your dishes are great choices, personally love the theme, with the owls and the eye – these looks fun and sound really delicious – nice job showcasing so many techniques in this final activity.
Wonderful work! Thank you for having fun with this and really showing us your best Cristina.
– Chad (Chad Sarno -instructor at Rouxbe Professional Plant Based Culinary School)

Thank you so much for all your great advice. It’s nice to know that other people have done it and it is possible to have a viable business from doing what you love (which is cooking vegetarian!). I will be sure to work on everything you mentioned. -new chef Sara J. in Ohio

Cristina, you are an angel! Thank you so much for giving me so much of your time. Christa E.

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