Who needs a personal chef?
Anyone who believes in having great meals at home at a fair price but they just don’t have the know how, the desire to cook, or the time. This could be busy working families, seniors who don’t want to do grocery shopping and cook meals, single professionals, new mothers who want to spend time with baby, people with special diets who cannot eat out etc.
Isn’t this just for the rich? How can I afford it?
Having a personal chef is no longer a luxury. If you spend a majority of your time in restaurants, fast-food joints, eating on the run, living on frozen meals, stuck in traffic on IH-35 or Mopac, paying insane $$$ for gas, throwing away unused groceries, buying some exotic ingredient and never using it, feeding your kids chicken nuggets and fries, and never sitting down together, YOU might be a good candidate for a personal chef.
With obesity, chronic degenerative diseases and the high cost of medical care on the rise, you will be saving money by protecting your health.
Fast food joints are notorious for bad and unhealthy foods and many chain restaurants use prepackaged and frozen items. Wouldn’t you like organic, fresh healthy meals and your time back? I can save you 10-14 hours of time per week by taking care of meals for you.
The meal plans come out to being comparable to eating at a nice restaurant, except you are in your own home, no need to drive or tip, and you get food tailored to your palate.

Can’t you cook in your home and bring it to me?
In Travis County, a personal chef is required to use a client’s kitchen to run a legal business. If I did not cook in your home I would need to use a commercially licensed kitchen and be classified as a caterer.
I treat a client’s kitchen with utmost respect and bring the equipment, utensils, and fresh ingredients to your home. After the meals are cooked and properly packaged, I do the dreaded cleanup and leave your home with the lovely aroma of delicious food. This whole process takes about 3-6 hours depending on the menu.

Is there anything a client needs to do for a cookdate?
Having a clean kitchen with necessary counter space is desired. Also having ample space in the fridge and freezer for your meals is necessary. If using reusable Pyrex containers, they should be clean and ready for packaging your meals.

Can I use disposable containers?
We highly recommend Pyrex glass containers because they are reusable and environmentally sound.
Pyrex glass doesn’t warp, stain, absorb odors or interact with food. It is safe for microwave and oven use and attractive enough to bring to the table for casual meals. You can see the leftovers without opening the lid. They are also dishwasher safe. The initial set is $35 with some other pieces needed if you choose the 5X4 service. Of course, these are yours to keep.
If you really, really want disposables, I recommend the Whole Foods brand as they do not contain phthalates. Disposables will incur an extra charge per cookdate.

Will you cook meat, fish or eggs?
My personal chef service differs from others in that I only provide vegetarian meal options. I refrain from using meat, fish, eggs, gelatin and dairy products that include rennet. Anyone who enjoys good food will like these meat free meals made with love.

Do I have to use all organic groceries?
I truly believe that organic and local food is the best way to go.
There are some foods that are grown without the need of heavy pesticide use and are safe to eat even if not certified organic. I can find great grocery items all over Austin, not just Whole Foods. However, if cost is an issue, I would be happy to discuss your preferences when shopping for your meals.
Also if you would like me to shop at the Sunset Valley’s farmer market I can do that. If you are part of CSA or use a grocery service like Greenling, I would be happy to use those delicious items as well.
Again, since I am YOUR personal chef, you get to decide.

Can you pick up a couple items at the store for me?
I would be more than happy to pick up 5 items in addition to the food needed for the cookdate if they are at the same store I am going to.
The items would also need to be vegetarian.
Any additional shopping would incur a fee for time and travel.

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