Meet The Chef

chef veggieCristina Carolan (Chef Veggie) loves to share with others the joy that comes from eating wonderful and healthy meals. As a former Army brat with a Tennessee-bred father and Filipino mother, she has traveled the globe and enjoyed exotic food both inside and outside the home. She grew up watching her grandmother cut veggies into small uniform pieces and carefully rolling Lumpia (Filipino spring rolls). These early food experiences helped her realize that making great food takes time and love. During her college studies, she learned more about how agriculture and food production affect our land, waterways, animals and people. Diet For a New America by John Robbins and a vegetarian ecology instructor inspired her to make the change to a vegetarian diet. She is a proponent of meat-free, organic, locally grown foods and the green lifestyle. Cristina has been a vegetarian for almost 20 years. She has lived on 3 of the Hawaiian islands and has extensive background in cooking tropical and ethnic foods. While living in a Vaisnava temple ashrama, she helped cook Indian feasts for 200 people on Sundays. Making delicious meals has been a part of her daily life since 1999. Chef Veggie Personal Chef Service was started in 2007.
As the mother of a wonderful 10 year old, she knows the importance of family mealtime and the wellbeing it creates for our loved ones. She hopes that she can make that easier by providing tasty and healthy meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of home.


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